Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 140: Solar Energy

Aim: Today Kippsters will learn about Solar Energy and how it affects us.

Do Now:Watch this video and then go onto Twitter and write a comment about how Solar Energy helps us.

Take this quiz testing what you remember from the video.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mayan story

 The Mayan’s
     My name is Mikaha and my  life as a Mayan can be considered as ordinary. My mother stays at home, and my father was a merchant  so we lived a middle class life. All of the Mayans lived in places called city-states that were individually controlled by a ruler. That means that we did not have one ruler. That is really good because if they were all ruled by one person then they would have been overwhelmed and taken down. The social structure was ruler, priests and nobles, merchants and artisans, and finally peasants. As you can see my family and I are not rich or poor and are moving along fairly well.

    Peasants in the Mayan society had to work hard to keep their share. They lived in one roomed huts and the only time they got off was during ceremonies and special events where they got to relax. The Mayan women had to wake before dawn to get the wood burning in the fireplace before everyone woke up. The men and boys would leave early in the morning to go and work in the fields. Both the men and women had their own part in keeping the right amount of things.    

We believe in 160 gods and the priests would be the one to send out the sacrifices and offerings. They would give the gods anything from vases to people. That’s right, they give humans out as sacrifices. This would happen to only the peasants and we would also send animals as sacrifices. It was both an honor and tragic to what would happen to the people and animals. The priests and nobles were the only ones who lived in the temples and were also the only ones able to read. That means that all of the rest of us had to go to them to ask if they could read or write something for them.

      We  Mayans are  creative, skillful farmers. We used our knowledge to the best of our advantage but in the end it did not matter and our crop failure could have been the reason why we fell. Our primary food was corn. The most difficult thing for us was that there was not enough food for our growing population. Another thing that is really hard is that there is not space for the crops and the soil very poor. One thing we did to make more space for crops is that we would slash and burn the trees then plant the crops. The thing is that the soil was already bad to begin with but now it just got even worse, so they would need to wait 2 to 10 years before they could start planting more crops. That worked for a while but then more people came and then we started to cut down everything and that is how we  lived and ended.