Monday, November 14, 2011

Story of Feudalism

   There once was a boy named Althalos. His father was a knight that always would leave home to fight a war. Althalos felt as if he never got to see him and that know one would how scared he felt all the time. He was scared that his father would die in the process of becoming a knight.To be a knight you had to show the qualities of respect and honor. You also had to show chivalry. First to become a knight Althalos’s father would have to become a page when he was between the ages of 8-10 and learn chess and the basics about being a knight. Then he would become a squire when he was between the ages 14-17 and get a horse, a sword, and he would learn how to fight with it. Finally he would show that he was worthy if he fought in battle.That is why the steps to become a knight was very hard.
    Today was the day that Althalos’s dad was going to leave to go to war. Althalos felt like someone was tearing his heart out and giving it to his father to save. Althalos’s  father knew how much his son would miss him, so he decided to get him a new sword for Alejandro to work with for when he became a squire. Althalos was so excited that he was finally able to get his sword. It was custom designed so that he would always know that it was his. He was so grateful that he completely forgot about the reason why his father was giving this to him. When his father left it was too late for goodbyes.

    The whole time his father was gone Althalos was really scared that something bad was going to happen and he was right. Three weeks after his father left, Althalos’s mother told him that his dad was dead. Althalos couldn’t believe his ears. How could his mother tell him this. He half wished that his mother was lying and that his dad was okay. The truth was that his dad was dead and his family wouldn’t be the same.

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